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by Leland Morrison, on 23 November 2023

Haval Jolion Haval Jolion

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The Haval Jolion is an attractive offering in the compact SUV market, produced by Chinese automotive manufacturer Great Wall Motors under the Haval brand. Known for its contemporary design, the Jolion boasts a range of features aimed at a youthful and trend-conscious demographic. With options such as a 1.5 Turbo engine, multiple transmission choices including 6MT and 7DCT, and a variety of trim levels, the Jolion promises a personalized driving experience. The vehicle caters to the modern driver with specifications that emphasize safety, comfort, and technology.

Haval equips the Jolion with smart safety features, an exquisite cockpit, and a striking exterior that allow it to stand out in its class. Available in multiple colors and varying degrees of luxury appointments, the Jolion can satisfy a spectrum of customer preferences, while the pricing strategy makes it an accessible option in its segment. Features like speed sensitive electric power steering, panoramic sunroof, and advanced infotainment systems further contribute to its appeal, ensuring that the vehicle is well-rounded and competitive.


The Haval Jolion has gone through an evolution since its inception, building upon its foundation as a reliable and affordable SUV with a focus on innovation and market trends. Initially, the Jolion entered the market with features that appealed to budget-conscious buyers looking for value. Over time, Haval has continuously upgraded the Jolion with more sophisticated features such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), higher quality materials, and improved powertrain technologies.

The integration of features like adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, automatic emergency braking, and a 360-degree panoramic camera on the higher trim levels indicate Haval's commitment to enhancing the driving experience and ensuring safety. Further developments in interior design, with upgrades like a 10.25-inch multimedia touch display and electric seat adjustments, showcase the evolution from a basic utility vehicle to a more luxurious and technologically advanced SUV.


The Haval Jolion is available in a range of variants, each with its own set of features and price tag. The base model starts at R344,950, while the top-of-the-line variant is priced at R579,950. The price of a particular variant depends on its engine, transmission, and other features.

Variant Price
1.5T City Manual R344,950
1.5T Luxury Manual R385,550
1.5T Premium R389,150
1.5T Luxury R423,250
1.5T Super Luxury R455,850
1.5T Super Luxury S R489,550
1.5 HEV Luxury R549,950
1.5 HEV Super Luxury R579,950

Additional Costs to Consider:

Monthly Installment

Monthly payments for the Haval Jolion vary between R6,045 and R11,873

The following table provides a few example calculations using the prime interest rate + 2% (13.75%) over a period of 6 years or 72 months.

Variant Price Installment 10% deposit 10% deposit and residual
1.5T City Manual R344,950 R7,062 R6,356 R6,045
1.5T Luxury Manual R385,550 R7,893 R7,104 R6,756
1.5T Premium R389,150 R7,967 R7,170 R6,819
1.5T Luxury R423,250 R8,665 R7,798 R7,417
1.5T Super Luxury R455,850 R9,332 R8,399 R7,988
1.5T Super Luxury S R489,550 R10,022 R9,020 R8,579
1.5 HEV Luxury R549,950 R11,259 R10,133 R9,637
1.5 HEV Super Luxury R579,950 R11,873 R10,686 R10,163

The installment goes down when a 10% deposit is provided and even further when a 10% residual is added

Factors affecting your monthly installment:

Minimum monthly salary

Banks typically recommend not spending more than 15% of your monthly salary on a car repayment. With that in mind, here is the recommended monthly salary for each variant:

Minimum Salary
Variant No deposit 10% deposit 10% deposit and residual
1.5T City Manual R47,079 R42,371 R40,298
1.5T Luxury Manual R52,620 R47,358 R45,041
1.5T Premium R53,111 R47,800 R45,462
1.5T Luxury R57,765 R51,989 R49,446
1.5T Super Luxury R62,215 R55,993 R53,254
1.5T Super Luxury S R66,814 R60,133 R57,191
1.5 HEV Luxury R75,058 R67,552 R64,247
1.5 HEV Super Luxury R79,152 R71,237 R67,752


The Haval Jolion is categorized as a compact SUV, aligning it with the SUV-B segment. The table below gives a comparison to other alternatives in the SUV-B segment.

Name Monthly From Monthly To Popularity
Chery Tiggo 4 Pro R4,713 R8,371 Medium
Hyundai Venue R5,716 R10,357 No Data
Haval Jolion R6,045 R11,873 Low
Kia Sonet R6,373 R9,294 Low
Mazda CX-3 R7,116 R11,094 Low
Toyota Corolla Cross R7,344 R11,131 High
Omoda C5 R8,152 R10,439 Very Low
Hyundai Creta R8,369 R10,697 No Data
Kia Seltos R8,523 R11,505 Low


Current popularity for the Haval Jolion is Low with around 46 380 searches per month.

Tips to Secure the Best Monthly Installment Deal

Securing the best monthly installment deal is crucial for managing your finances effectively. Whether you're financing a car, home, or any other purchase, a favorable installment plan can save you money and reduce financial strain. Here are some tips to help you land the best deal:

  1. Research & Compare: Investigate various lenders, comparing their rates, terms, and fees using online tools.
  2. Check Credit Score: A better score can lead to lower rates. Regularly review and work on improving it.
  3. Negotiate: Don't settle for the first offer. Be informed about market rates and available promotions.
  4. Choose Shorter Terms: Longer terms might have smaller payments but higher interest. Opt for shorter terms if possible.
  5. Consider a Deposit: A significant deposit can reduce monthly payments and possibly get a better rate.
  6. Understand the Terms: Be clear on all conditions, especially penalties for early or missed payments.
  7. Maintain Your Budget: Determine your monthly limit and stick to it. Avoid tempting deals that exceed it.
  8. Seek Pre-approval: It provides clarity on what you qualify for and aids in negotiations.

By being diligent, informed, and proactive, you can secure a monthly installment deal that aligns with your financial goals and provides peace of mind.


Understanding the price and monthly installment options of the Haval Jolion is essential for potential buyers. The vehicle's attractive design, modern features, and competitive pricing make it a considerable option in the compact SUV market. As buyers consider the Jolion against other vehicles in its class, being well-informed about the cost implications and financial options is crucial.

It is recommended for prospective owners to thoroughly research and compare the Jolion's offerings to alternative models and to consult with financial advisors to determine the most suitable purchasing plan. A well-rounded decision-making process, factoring in the total cost of ownership and potential financial benefits, can ensure that buyers make an investment that is both satisfying and economically smart.

source: https://www.haval.co.za/range/jolion