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by Leland Morrison, on 5 February 2024

Hyundai i20 Hyundai i20

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Embrace the elegance and dynamism of the Hyundai i20, a vehicle that marries contemporary aesthetics with robust performance. With its style upgrade that includes new halogen headlights, daytime running lights, and a glossy black grill, the Hyundai i20 asserts its presence on the road. 16” alloy wheels and a two-tone paint job elevates its sporty appeal.

Inside, drivers are treated to a luxurious environment featuring upgraded leather steering wheels and gear knobs, alongside artificial leather seats. Specific models boast a 3.5” supervision cluster screen, adding to the i20's high-tech credentials.


The Hyundai i20's evolution is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and driver satisfaction. From the start, it was designed as a vehicle that caters to the needs of the modern driver, focusing on performance, safety, and comfort. The latest model not only brings a fresh, new design but also improved convenience features such as remote keyless entry, central locking, rear parking sensors, and a camera for simplified maneuverability.

The 6 airbag-system and ISOFIX attachments ensure the safety of all occupants, while infotainment systems compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide seamless connectivity.


The Hyundai i20 is available in a range of variants, each with its own set of features and price tag. The base model starts at R333,500, while the top-of-the-line variant is priced at R467,500. The price of a particular variant depends on its engine, transmission, and other features.

Variant Price
1.2 Motion MT R333,500
1.2 Fluid MT R348,900
1.2 Fluid MT Two-Tone R353,900
1.4 Motion AT R366,900
1.0 TGDI Fluid MT R396,500
1.0 TGDI Fluid MT Two Tone R402,500
1.0 TGDI Fluid DCT R424,500
1.0 TGDI Fluid DCT Two Tone R429,500
1.0 TGDI N-LINE DCT R467,500

Additional Costs to Consider:

Monthly Installment

Monthly payments for the Hyundai i20 vary between R5,844 and R9,571

The following table provides a few example calculations using the prime interest rate + 2% (13.75%) over a period of 6 years or 72 months.

Variant Price Installment 10% deposit 10% deposit and residual
1.2 Motion MT R333,500 R6,827 R6,145 R5,844
1.2 Fluid MT R348,900 R7,143 R6,428 R6,114
1.2 Fluid MT Two-Tone R353,900 R7,245 R6,521 R6,202
1.4 Motion AT R366,900 R7,511 R6,760 R6,429
1.0 TGDI Fluid MT R396,500 R8,117 R7,305 R6,948
1.0 TGDI Fluid MT Two Tone R402,500 R8,240 R7,416 R7,053
1.0 TGDI Fluid DCT R424,500 R8,690 R7,821 R7,439
1.0 TGDI Fluid DCT Two Tone R429,500 R8,793 R7,913 R7,526
1.0 TGDI N-LINE DCT R467,500 R9,571 R8,614 R8,192

The installment goes down when a 10% deposit is provided and even further when a 10% residual is added

Factors affecting your monthly installment:

Minimum monthly salary

Banks typically recommend not spending more than 15% of your monthly salary on a car repayment. With that in mind, here is the recommended monthly salary for each variant:

Minimum Salary
Variant No deposit 10% deposit 10% deposit and residual
1.2 Motion MT R45,516 R40,965 R38,961
1.2 Fluid MT R47,618 R42,856 R40,760
1.2 Fluid MT Two-Tone R48,301 R43,470 R41,344
1.4 Motion AT R50,075 R45,067 R42,863
1.0 TGDI Fluid MT R54,115 R48,703 R46,321
1.0 TGDI Fluid MT Two Tone R54,933 R49,440 R47,021
1.0 TGDI Fluid DCT R57,936 R52,142 R49,592
1.0 TGDI Fluid DCT Two Tone R58,618 R52,757 R50,176
1.0 TGDI N-LINE DCT R63,805 R57,424 R54,615


The Hyundai i20 is best classified in Segment B, which comprises subcompact cars. Its dimensions and engine displacement ranging between 1.0 to 1.4 litres, solidify its position in this category. Additionally, the Hyundai i20 is primarily recognized for its practicality and affordability rather than luxury offerings. The table below gives a comparison to other alternatives in the B segment.

Name Monthly From Monthly To Popularity
Hyundai Grand i10 R3,920 R6,631 No Data
Toyota Starlet R4,178 R6,940 No Data
VW Polo Vivo R4,327 R7,102 No Data
Kia Pegas R4,933 R6,449 Very Low
Hyundai Grand i10 Sedan R5,005 R6,631 No Data
Kia Rio R5,793 R7,984 Low
Hyundai i20 R5,844 R9,571 No Data
VW Polo R6,145 R11,129 No Data
Audi A1 R8,993 R12,173 Low


Tips to Secure the Best Monthly Installment Deal

Securing the best monthly installment deal is crucial for managing your finances effectively. Whether you're financing a car, home, or any other purchase, a favorable installment plan can save you money and reduce financial strain. Here are some tips to help you land the best deal:

  1. Research & Compare: Investigate various lenders, comparing their rates, terms, and fees using online tools.
  2. Check Credit Score: A better score can lead to lower rates. Regularly review and work on improving it.
  3. Negotiate: Don't settle for the first offer. Be informed about market rates and available promotions.
  4. Choose Shorter Terms: Longer terms might have smaller payments but higher interest. Opt for shorter terms if possible.
  5. Consider a Deposit: A significant deposit can reduce monthly payments and possibly get a better rate.
  6. Understand the Terms: Be clear on all conditions, especially penalties for early or missed payments.
  7. Maintain Your Budget: Determine your monthly limit and stick to it. Avoid tempting deals that exceed it.
  8. Seek Pre-approval: It provides clarity on what you qualify for and aids in negotiations.

By being diligent, informed, and proactive, you can secure a monthly installment deal that aligns with your financial goals and provides peace of mind.


Understanding the Hyundai i20 price and the associated monthly installment options is crucial for any potential buyer. The i20's price range is reflective of its substantial offerings, from safety features to aesthetic enhancements, foregrounding its value proposition in the subcompact car market.

Prospective owners are encouraged to conduct thorough research and engage with financial advisors to ensure that their investment not only suits their budget but also aligns with their lifestyle needs. The Hyundai i20 stands as a testament to Hyundai’s capability to create vehicles that resonate with consumers' evolving demands.