Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Monthly Installment

by Leland Morrison, on 1 November 2023

Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Toyota Land Cruiser 300

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Toyota Land Cruiser 300 marks an important milestone in the lineage of Toyota's flagship 4X4s. Recognized globally for its remarkable durability and excellent off-road performance, the Land Cruiser 300 retains the DNA of its predecessors, while incorporating advanced features. It embodies fresh design aesthetics, with a rugged and dynamic exterior that symbolizes irrepressible strength. Its interior depicts a perfect blend of luxury and functionality, complete with cutting-edge technology. The vehicle has been engineered with a focus on fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, and the utilisation of the latest safety and driver assistance technologies. However, considering this powerful SUV isn't a small financial outlay, it's essential to have a clear understanding of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 price and monthly installment options.


The Toyota Land Cruiser began its journey back in 1951 and has continually evolved to meet changing market demands and consumer expectations. The arrival of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 represents the most significant transformation of the Land Cruiser range in its 70-year historical lifespan. Today's Land Cruiser 300 totally revamps its powertrain, frame structure, and even its suspension system. It introduces the first ever 'GR Sport' version in the Land Cruiser series, and the newly developed direct-injection 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine delivers outstanding output and fuel efficiency. Moreover, the new Electronic Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (E-KDSS) provides a vast improvement in its off-road capabilities. This evolution stresses the Land Cruiser's commitment to providing safe, secure and comfortable journeys.


The Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is available in a range of variants, each with its own set of features and price tag. The base model starts at R1,458,900, while the top-of-the-line variant is priced at R2,095,100. The price of a particular variant depends on its engine, transmission, and other features.

Variant Price
LC300 3.3D V6 GX-R R1,458,900
LC300 3.3D V6 ZX R2,007,300
LC300 3.5T V6 ZX R2,043,100
LC300 3.3D V6 GR-S R2,060,000
LC300 3.5T V6 GR-S R2,095,100

Additional Costs to Consider:

Monthly Installment

Monthly payments for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 vary between R25,565 and R42,891

The following table provides a few example calculations using the prime interest rate + 2% (13.75%) over a period of 6 years or 72 months.

Variant Price Installment 10% deposit 10% deposit and residual
LC300 3.3D V6 GX-R R1,458,900 R29,867 R26,880 R25,565
LC300 3.3D V6 ZX R2,007,300 R41,094 R36,984 R35,175
LC300 3.5T V6 ZX R2,043,100 R41,827 R37,644 R35,802
LC300 3.3D V6 GR-S R2,060,000 R42,173 R37,955 R36,098
LC300 3.5T V6 GR-S R2,095,100 R42,891 R38,602 R36,714

The installment goes down when a 10% deposit is provided and even further when a 10% residual is added

Factors affecting your monthly installment:

Minimum monthly salary

Banks typically recommend not spending more than 15% of your monthly salary on a car repayment. With that in mind, here is the recommended monthly salary for each variant:

Minimum Salary
Variant No deposit 10% deposit 10% deposit and residual
LC300 3.3D V6 GX-R R199,112 R179,201 R170,434
LC300 3.3D V6 ZX R273,958 R246,562 R234,500
LC300 3.5T V6 ZX R278,844 R250,959 R238,682
LC300 3.3D V6 GR-S R281,150 R253,035 R240,656
LC300 3.5T V6 GR-S R285,941 R257,347 R244,757


Current popularity for the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is Very Low with around 9 420 searches per month.

Tips to Secure the Best Monthly Installment Deal

Securing the best monthly installment deal is crucial for managing your finances effectively. Whether you're financing a car, home, or any other purchase, a favorable installment plan can save you money and reduce financial strain. Here are some tips to help you land the best deal:

  1. Research & Compare: Investigate various lenders, comparing their rates, terms, and fees using online tools.
  2. Check Credit Score: A better score can lead to lower rates. Regularly review and work on improving it.
  3. Negotiate: Don't settle for the first offer. Be informed about market rates and available promotions.
  4. Choose Shorter Terms: Longer terms might have smaller payments but higher interest. Opt for shorter terms if possible.
  5. Consider a Deposit: A significant deposit can reduce monthly payments and possibly get a better rate.
  6. Understand the Terms: Be clear on all conditions, especially penalties for early or missed payments.
  7. Maintain Your Budget: Determine your monthly limit and stick to it. Avoid tempting deals that exceed it.
  8. Seek Pre-approval: It provides clarity on what you qualify for and aids in negotiations.

By being diligent, informed, and proactive, you can secure a monthly installment deal that aligns with your financial goals and provides peace of mind.


Keeping abreast with the Toyota Land Cruiser 300 price and potential monthly installment options plays a critical role when contemplating its purchase. Being one of Toyota's premium 4X4s implies a hefty price-tag. Hence, understanding the monetary implications can protect potential buyers from unexpected financial strain. Therefore, it's crucial to not only examine the driveability, reliability, and features of the Land Cruiser 300 but also to focus on the financial aspects. Remember to conduct comprehensive research and consult with your financial advisor to make an informed decision. By doing so, you ensure that purchasing the Land Cruiser 300 translates into a joyful and not a burdensome experience.