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by Leland Morrison, on 10 October 2023

Audi RS3 Audi RS3

How much the Audi RS3 will set you back in South Africa

The Audi RS3 starts at just under R 1.3 million, or a monthly payment of about R24k, with all extras added, the price comes in at R 1 582 900

Optional extras include everything from heated seats and a sunroof to decorative dash inserts in Matte Carbon Atlas You can even add an option called the Black Appearance Package for R 7 000, that gives you a black Audi logo The most expensive extra we could find was the MMI Navigation package for R 39 300, but far cooler although not terribly useful is the Head-up display for R 15 000

Audi RS3 dash Audi RS3 dash

What do you get for the price?

Audi RS3 Headlights Audi RS3 Headlights

A whole lot of performance with 294kW and a 0 - 100 time of 3.8 seconds. The engine is a 2.5l turbo charged 4 cylinder with a top speed of 250km/h, but can be increased to 280km/h with an optional extra. The interior on the base package already looks pretty sleek, but can be upgraded honeycomb stitching

Audi RS3 Optional Roof Spoiler Audi RS3 Optional Roof Spoiler

Can you get away for cheaper

Yes! A used RS3 from 2011 will start at about R 330 000, with a model at just about any price up to R 1.6 million depending on the mileage and year model. If you are just buying the RS3 to speed around on weekends you probably don't need a new one

How far will it drive?

Probably not more than 150 000 km. By looking at the mileage of available used RS3's we didn't find a single one with 160 000 km or more, where a Toyota Hilux on the other end has quite a few with well over 400 000 km on the clock But, to be fair, you won't buy an RS3 to be a workhorse

What are some alternatives to the Audi RS3

VW Golf R VW Golf R

Just looking at price and performance alone your options are the VW Golf R and the Mercedes A-Class AMG Some slightly cheaper options are the Honda Civic Type R and the Renault Megane RS 300


The price is not as rediculous as you would pay for a super car, but the Audi RS3 is definitely very cool, and you could probably still drive your family around in it.

Source: Audi SA


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