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Essential Toyota Hilux Accessories: Enhance Functionality, Safety, and Style

by Leland Morrison, on 24 October 2023

Toyota Hilux Accessories Toyota Hilux Accessories

Hunting for the top Toyota Hilux accessories? We have them! All the essentials to transform your ride. From interior decor to exterior protection, we have you sorted. Don't miss out on these great upgrades!

Spare wheel lock

A spare wheel lock is a must-have for your Toyota Hilux. It keeps the wheel in place and gives you peace of mind. Here are 6 points to know about it:

Plus, some locks come with keyless entry. You can unlock and secure the wheel with a remote. For best results:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Clean and oil the lock.
  2. Keep it Securely Locked: Check it's properly engaged after putting on or moving the wheel.
  3. Get a Good Lock: Get one that is reliable and durable.
  4. Register the Lock: Some makers offer registration. This can give extra security or help if the lock is lost or broken.

These tips will help you make the most out of your spare wheel lock and give you extra security on your Toyota Hilux - just like Iron Man!


A bullbar is essential for the Toyota Hilux. It provides a protective barrier at the front of the vehicle, guarding against damage from collisions with animals or other vehicles. These bullbars are made from steel or aluminum and designed to withstand impact, while minimizing damage to the vehicle.

In addition to protection, a bullbar can also improve the look of your Toyota Hilux. Various designs and finishes are available, so you can find one that suits your vehicle's style.

Pro Tip: When selecting a bullbar, factor in things such as airbag compatibility and local regulations. Also, make sure it meets road legality standards. Thus, you can rest assured that your Toyota Hilux looks stylish even if you spill coffee on the seat covers!

Is a bull bar the same as a nudge bar? A nudge bar is similar, but lighter and thinnder. The nudge bar is a cheaper alternative to the bull bar

Seat Covers

Seat covers are a great way to protect your Toyota Hilux seats from dirt, stains, and wear and tear. They come in materials such as leather, neoprene, and canvas, and custom-fit ones will ensure a snug fit and maximum protection. Plus, they're waterproof, easily removable, and washable for quick cleaning.

Furthermore, you can make a style statement with different color and design options. Seat covers can also add an extra layer of comfort, with features like lumbar support and heating elements.

According to Car Magazine, using seat covers is beneficial, as it maintains the resale value of your Toyota Hilux.

So don't forget to get the snorkel kit too - it'll let you take your Hilux for a swim without worrying about it sinking!

Snorkel Kit

A snorkel kit is essential for a Toyota Hilux! It has a raised air intake system. This prevents water from damaging the engine. It allows the vehicle to travel through deep water safely.

This kit is designed specifically for the Hilux. It has durable construction and high-quality materials. This will protect the engine in difficult off-road conditions.

Remember to inspect and maintain your snorkel kit regularly. Clean or replace the filter often to optimize air flow and engine performance.

A rubber deck mat is also useful. It will keep dirt and debris secure and organized. But, don't expect it to clean up your messy love life.

Rubber deck mat

The Toyota Hilux 'Rubber Deck Mat' is an essential accessory, designed exclusively for the vehicle. It provides protection and durability to the cargo area. Why invest in it?

It comes in various sizes and designs, adding style to the interior whilst being practical. Don't miss out on this smart addition to your vehicle - maximize safety, reduce maintenance, enjoy a quieter ride and enhance resale value. Get your Toyota Hilux Rubber Deck Mat today!

Fixed towbar

A fixed towbar is a must-have accessory for the Toyota Hilux. It lets you tow trailers, caravans and other heavy loads securely and with ease. Its strong construction and easy installation ensures a reliable towing experience.


  1. Specifically made for Toyota Hilux models.
  2. Can handle loads up to 3 500kg.
  3. Durable, made from tough materials.
  4. Hassle-free setup, comes with all necessary hardware.

Your fixed towbar also boosts the Hilux's versatility. It gives you a secure anchor point for mounting accessories such as bike racks or cargo carriers - increasing your carrying capacity even further.

Pro Tip: Prior to towing, make sure your fixed towbar is well-installed and check the weight rating of both the towbar and your Toyota Hilux. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential for optimal performance and safety. Investing in good parts for your Toyota Hilux is like giving it a facelift - wrinkles are a no-no for rugged vehicles!

Body Parts

The Toyota Hilux offers body enhancements to make the vehicle look and work better. These are roof racks, side steps, body kits, and fender flares. Each has a purpose - to increase the Hilux's versatility and style.

Check out the table below for popular Hilux body enhancements:

Accessory Description
Roof Rack A strong rack on top of the car, giving extra storage space for bulky items.
Side Step A protective step fitted to the side of the car, making cabin access easier while making it look rugged.
Body Kit Customized exterior parts that improve the Hilux's looks and aerodynamics.
Fender Flare Fits over wheel arches to add style and stop mud and debris splatter.

For more customization, you can choose grille replacements, bonnet protectors, or upgraded headlights. These additions not just look good, but help with performance and function too.

Let's tell a story about body enhancements. Mark got a Toyota Hilux for his outdoor trips. He wanted it to have all the upgrades, so he got a roof rack and fender flares. The roof rack held camping gear, and the fender flares protected the car from scratches on rough terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some essential accessories for Toyota Hilux?

A: Some essential accessories for Toyota Hilux include a bull bar, canopy, tow bar, roof racks, snorkel, and floor mats.

Q: Are bull bars necessary for Toyota Hilux?

A: Bull bars are highly recommended for Toyota Hilux as they provide protection to the front of the vehicle in off-road conditions and can prevent damage from collisions with animals or other obstacles.

Q: What are the benefits of a canopy for Toyota Hilux?

A: Canopies offer secure storage space for tools and equipment, protect the cargo from weather conditions, and enhance the overall functionality and appearance of Toyota Hilux.

Q: Why should I install a tow bar on my Toyota Hilux?

A: Installing a tow bar on your Toyota Hilux allows you to tow trailers, caravans, or boats, making it more versatile for recreational activities or work purposes.

Q: Is a snorkel necessary for Toyota Hilux?

A: While not essential, a snorkel can significantly improve the vehicle's off-road capabilities by allowing it to traverse deep water crossings without damaging the engine.

Q: What floor mats are suitable for Toyota Hilux?

A: For Toyota Hilux, it is recommended to use heavy-duty rubber floor mats that are specifically designed to fit the vehicle's dimensions and provide protection against dirt, spills, and wear.


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